Support for Disabled people by Disabled People. We are very proud to be the first, completely user led organisation in Dudley, West Midlands.


Disability in Action consists of an elected management committee. We also have volunteers who work for us, and in the future, we aim to employ people to carry out work with us and on behalf of us. Our organisation specialises in providing various support and information services for people who have a disability. We provide a comprehensive peer support service on any issues relating to your personal budget or direct Payment. We host events at Queens Cross Network in Dudley. These range from social gatherings and fundraising events, to hosting peer support groups for disabled people and their personal assistants, as well as conferences on a variety of disability issues. We have a café service which we run at Queens Cross Network in Dudley. In the future we aim to ‘branch out’ to provide other services specifically targeted at making life easier and more enjoyable for people who have a disability. We are a group of people with disabilities ourselves. As such, our qualification is a life experience of disability. We know the challenges people who have a disability can face in their everyday lives. We believe in results and getting things done, we believe in action. That’s why we are Disability in Action. Take a look around our site and see some of the amazing things we do to support local people who have a disability. Please keep in touch with us on Facebook, Twitter and come back regularly to read our news feed on this site


Our support centre for adults with physical and/or sensory disabilities. It offers individual, flexible, client focused support programmes to people who have physical or sensory disability or both.


The centre offers several areas of support:

  • Day opportunities

  • Drop-in facility

  • Community outreach support

                                                   Disability in Action

       People who use the centre are actively involved in the running of Queens Cross Network. The centre is home to                                           Disability in Action, one of Dudley’s most vibrant and active user led organisation


There are many day opportunities on offer for the people who decide to attend.  Activities are not compulsory.  The centre can be a great place to meet up with friends and have a chat over coffee.  People can attend on a full day basis, drop in or flexible option to suit individual needs requirements and budgets.

Each day there are optional activities like gardening, arts and crafts, indoor sports or relaxation sessions.  Themed days and evening events are also on offer.  All activities can be adapted to meet individual needs and where needed assistance with personal care can be provided sensitively and discreetly by trained members of staff.

The center  has a library area, quiet room, gardens and computer suite.  There is a cafe run by Disability in action, an organisation which is run and managed by people who have a disability.  Refreshments are available - with a choice of meals, sandwiches, snacks and drinks.  See our menu on the cafe plaza page.

There is also a lunch time canteen which offers meals, run by Dudley MBC.

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